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Nigel Stott


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My name is Nigel Stott and I come from the United Kingdom. I have lived in Japan since 1994 and, after quitting my job as an associate professor at Fukuoka Women's University in April 2009, I now run my own English school and overseas study agency:

My main academic interest is using computers to assist learning, so I make web-based materials and CD-rom educational software. You can see some of my e-learning materials on this web site. My main web site is Another of my interests is teacher training and I am often invited to give lectures to groups of Japanese teachers of English.

I live in a rural district called Munakata, which is just outside the city of Fukuoka in the south west part of Japan. My house is five minutes by car from the sea and there are rice fields, forests and mountains nearby. I love nature and I try to spend some of each weekend hiking, snorkelling or taking photographs of the local wildlife. You can see some of my photos on the blog I started in 2005:

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